Software Development


  • Use agile methodologies to build a cross functional team (developers, testers, designers, clients, users) that has a clear understanding of the goals and outcomes
  • Maintain a cadence and open communication so the entire team feels supported
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Be available for software support

Reliable Scalable Technology

  • Focus on performant and consistent code
  • Focus on re-usable code that allows for scalability
  • Build responsive applications for web, desktop and mobile.
  • Language agnostic – choose from a range of mature software languages to meet the needs of the client
  • Prioritize design through the development cycle to enhance usability

Support Effective Software Execution

  •  Identification & selection of development partners – this varies based on time/resources available to client
  • Identify and organize a product backlog that aligns with product roadmap
  • Prioritize level of development for every feature as the product matures (Frameworks for prioritization)
  • Consult on 3rd Party software tools suited for the software roadmap.