Our Services

Being a catalyst for innovation is a core value for us. We take an agile approach to bridge gaps and launch our clients towards the next step of their journey

Financial Strategy

The biggest challenge in product development is having a solid financial strategy. Most startups lose steam when there isn’t a financial strategy that paints a clear picture to stakeholders and investors. Working shoulder to shoulder with our experts who have done this several times before, you will be in good hands to develop these plans. Learn more

Product Strategy

The primary personas that emerge from your financial strategy will dictate what your product strategy is. Figuring out a roadmap of features to build and a timeframe to test those features with your beta group of stakeholders is what this phase is about. Product strategy may overlap with some UI/UX research and design to develop a roadmap that has better chances of adoption. We will help you craft a strategy that works with your timeline and budget. Learn more

UI/UX Research & Design

Leaning on the oldest adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, user interface and user experience design helps the entire team align on the vision for the product. Whether it is about business value, ease of use, validation of concept or data collection, a design brings clarity to all these questions.

Software Development

In a world where more is generally thought of as better, we at Serendip value being ‘lean’. Lean software methodologies aka agile software development is core to allowing innovation thrive. The process curtails waste and builds trust by quickly getting code in the hands of users and forcing product managers to demonstrate business value.  When moving in a lean and fast manner, code has to be built in a modular, scalable, testable fashion. Learn more

Quality Assurance

No matter how hard one tries, we are often blind to our mistakes. Often startups cannot afford test driven development. Serendip provides quality assurance as an additional layer of protection before code hits production environments and their users. Having a quality team made of product owners and coders allows us to reduce bias and provide better quality product. Learn more