Product Strategy

Product Strategy Development

  • Review & provide feedback on product vision and desired functionality
  • Develop revenue & monetization strategy (Subscription Model, Ad Sales, etc.,)
  • Develop roadmap of feature/functionality plan for MVP & later phases (what to build when!)

Software Application Scoping & UX design

  • Gather and document requirements based on entrepreneurs vision and execution plan
  • Identify & work with UX designers to create high fidelity mockups
  • Develop wireframes and process flow that clearly articulate vision – See UI/UX section for more details
  • Documenting logic and developer notes, needed for smooth technical hand off

Support Effective Technical Execution

  • Identification & selection of development partners – this varies based on time/resources available to entrepreneurs/startups
  • Working with UX/Dev/QA teams to ensure development goes as planned – See UI/UX section, Software Development section and QA section for more details
  • Identify and organize a product backlog that aligns with product roadmap
  • Prioritize level of development for every feature as the product matures (Frameworks for prioritization)
  • Consult on 3rd Party software tools suited for the software roadmap.