BoozApp Mobile Design System

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  • Detailed mobile design system for under $10K.
  • Research and design that unraveled future functionality.
  • Engineering validated clear design for better vision and robust feature planning.


3 months | Under 10K

BoozApp‘s goal is to help consumers never overpay for booze again. To do that they have built an app that reveals the actual MSRP (Recommended Sales Price), average shelf price and the crowd-sourced Fair Price ™ of any bottle.

Early in 2020, BoozApp had released a mobile MVP. With the feedback and learnings from the MVP, they wanted to take the next step. BoozApp had done a lot of research and through many visits and discussions, created personal relationships with many local retailers.

They approached us to create designs for the ultimate BoozApp that they can use to plan their roadmap and build out the app. This app will be a social platform, where users can share great finds and great prices, can follow other users and see liquor availability in their own neighborhood. Retailers will be able to show up-to-date inventory, connect directly with their customers and see what is trending in the marketplace.

How We Helped

Design by Indigo Whatley

Weekly cadence : High touch design process : Focus on learning : Focus on understanding : Focus on demonstrations, retrospectives and revisions. Our process included the following :

Competitor analysis, user interviews, user journey mapping, consistency in vernacular, value stream mapping, low fidelity prototyping, user testing, high fidelity prototyping and building a design system.

Tools used to design and collaborate : Miro, Trello, Figma, Slack and Google Docs.

BoozApp now has a design that they can use to build out a roadmap for the app and for feature planning. They have a clear vision of where they are heading and can communicate clearly to their dev team. Throughout our exploration and research, BoozApp has further strengthened their vision and have been able to tighten their designs while maintaining the look, feel and tone their users love.

You can download BoozApp here.